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When Dr Tavleen discovered Happiitude through a social media post. she wasn’t sure of that, still she went ahead and filled the form.

Having done that she got busy with her profession as  a Human Resource Professor in one of India’s premium management institute. But something inside of her kept telling her to pursue  her passion and that’s when she decided to join the Certified Happiness Coach Program at Happiitude.

The program took her on a journey of self-discovery wherein she began questioning herself and her fixed ideas of happiness.
According to her “this program helped me to break through my limited belief system and understand the meaning of happiness & compassion in the real sense.  Now I feel like a free bird flying in the vast open sky. It is such an exhilarating experience. The best thing that my mentors at happiitude taught me is to be fearless and wait gracefully for Universe to take over”
This profound shift in her led her to the thought of reaching out to people in the corporate world, show them that silver lining in cloud and help them regain their sense of joy and happiness. She joined the Advance Happiness Program as well as became a Workplace Happiness Specialist from Happiitude and went out full swing.

In a very short span of time she has started conducting paid workshops for corporates which have been great hits. Her fame as a Happiness Coach has begun spreading like wild fire.
In her own words “Through these sessions I have been able to pursue my passion which not only fetches visibility to the importance of happiness in our lives but also  helps me to fulfil my purpose of contributing for the greater good of society. It is immensely satisfying. The training at Happiitude has provided me the meaning that I was longing for. What else could I have asked for? Life is a culmination of many great things, and Happiitude is definitely one of those best things in my life”

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