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We believe that the world needs a little madness to create something genius & positively impact lives. If you believe in Making A Difference, join our MAD Community! More than 2000 Happiness & Mindfulness Coaches are already creating a difference. What about you?

Happiitude Global Academy offers up to 70% Scholarship to deserving candidates who are looking to embark on a journey of inner exploration and through that, help illuminate the lives of others. 

If you are ready to transform your life or career and impact others, submit your application below.

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Certified Happiness Coach

People are dealing with fear, worries, and insecurities now, more than ever, and this is causing a lot of mental and emotional imbalance in them. 

Imagine what would happen if people are taught ways to access their inner joy at these trying times. Not only will it uplift people’s life from within but it will also positively impact the world. 

Become an Agent of Happiness and leave the world a little happier than you found it! In the process, you’ll be surprised to note many personal behaviour-level modifications as did most of our coaches!

Get certified by Berkeley Well-being Institute, California and start delivering your own Happiness Workshops!


Upcoming Batch: 8 Jan 2022


Upcoming Batch: 11 Dec 2021


Mindfulness in Action

The pandemic has left people more emotionally and mentally drained than ever before. We all yearn for things to return to normal but imagine the stress, worry & pressure on everyone once everything comes back to normal! People need help to recalibrate their Clarity and Purpose and our belief is that the world would need more and more Mindfulness Coaches than ever before to overcome the after-effects of the pandemic.

In this 6-Week course, we help you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings in a non-judgemental way. Start savouring each and every moment in life and look at life in a way you’ve never seen it before! With the tools & frameworks we provide in the course, you can start delivering your own Mindfulness coaching sessions and workshops. 

Make Mindfulness your natural state of being and positively impact your life and that of others!

Workplace Happiness Specialist

Research shows that a staggering 60% of the population are unhappy in their work and 3 out of 4 people feel stressed about work. This pandemic has compounded the stress and has dwindled productivity. Employee engagement has been negatively impacted and as companies are moving towards adopting a hybrid model, happiness, compassion & empathy at the workplace are no longer a choice – but a necessity.
Become a change-maker and lead your organization on a path to higher productivity, greater happiness quotient and growth!

Over the last decade, we have helped hundreds of organisations measure, boost & sustain workplace happiness with proven and cost-effective methods. If you are looking to start Happiness initiatives at your organisation or looking for tools and methods to make happiness a strategic value in your organisation, this course is for you.

Upcoming Batch: 21 Jan 2022


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