Workplace Happiness Kit


(INR 28750)


Workplace Happiness toolkit is a set of tools designed to build happier workplaces. These highly impactful tools are suitable for companies looking for build meaning, authentic connections and sense of growth among teams.

What is Included in Toolkit?(This Includes One set of Each of the item)

  • Connectedness Cards
  • Value Cards
  • Values to Behaviour Cards
  • Workplace Happiness Game
  • Wow Me Cards
  • Gratitude Cards Set
  • Happiness Journal
  • Happiness Survey Pack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this Kit suitable for any kind of Teams?

Yes, this is a great tool for functional, cross vertical, entry level to leadership level teams.

I am a Trainer. Can I use this in my workshops?

You can embed each of the tool as an icebreaker to full fledged activity in your workshop. The duration ranges from 5 minutes to 45 minutes for each of the activity.

Do I need to buy whole kit or I can buy seprately?

You can buy each item seprately but on buying whole kit you get more discount.