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Why Become a Mindfulness Instructor?

There are 1.3 billion teenagers in the world of 7.7 billion adults. And what they see most and hear from the adult world is competition, stress, burnout, and hollow relationships. Teenage that should blossom into joyful adulthood is, unfortunately, turning into a burdened phase of life with dampened spirits. Their lights have dimmed before they can brighten. There is burnout when it is time to fuel up. There is a log-out even before they sign in. 

Our Mission is to “Provide Mindful Space for Our Children to Flourish and Grow beyond the Judgment of the Adult World”. 

Mindfulness Instructor Program for Young Adults is an ecosystem to learn the science of mindfulness and become a certified Instructor.  

Lorraine Stamp

“I was blown away by the interaction which was different from anything that I had done before. It was the most comprehensive program; this is real transformation …and I am about to launch my own coaching sessions; I can hardly wait to begin.”

Maria Angelica

"For me it was very spiritual, I met another level of myself. I have some mystic experience during the meditations of Karan, which was very powerful. For me it was like an initiation. I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

It Just Takes 

90 Mins
twice a week

and can be done at home, school, clubs, community centers, etc.

Who Should Take This Course?

Someone who can allow themselves to be truly seen

Mindfulness Instructor is not one more role to demonstrate.  Instead, the path of mindfulness is to be your authentic self. Someone who is comfortable in one’s own skin and has a natural warmth and empathy with others can really connect well with the audience.

For someone who is tired of working hard, living hard, and not experiencing true fulfillment

Hard work will give you results, and those results  will give you happiness. We all worked hard and many of us got results as well but what about happiness?If you also feel that the promise was not true, take the challenge.

Someone who believes in better life and aims at making some meaningful difference

Each one of us can be the change we want to see in the world. A great way to start is by viewing yourself more positively so that you can make greater changes. Do you see yourself in the place of going extra mile for the greater good?

Someone who has an entrepreneur spirit and doesn't shy from taking timely actions

As coaches, in addition to mastering this beautiful craft of ours, we should simultaneously and intentionally begin opening ourselves up to more and more opportunities that will ultimately benefit the world.

For someone who is successful and now looking to expand 10X

When we are happy, we take bigger things in life but when we are unhappy, we want to do fewer things, speak to lesser people and hesitate to take action. If you want to grow, take the challenge

For someone who is looking for a healthy mind, body, and soul

There are numerous health benefits of being in a Joyful state of mind. If fear can reduce your Immunity then happiness can boost it as well. If Sadness makes you fall sick more often, happiness can make you healthier. If you are looking for this, it’s time to join the challenge.

The Head-Heart Mindfulness Curriculum

Every week throughout the session series, you’ll receive power-packed activities at regular intervals that will gradually let you have a natural connection with mindfulness

Personal Alignment

In most Buddhist languages, the word for “mind” and “heart” is the same word:  When meditation moved to the West, we quickly associated it with the mind, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing—meditation is a tool to train the mind. But we left the heart out of the practice, and the heart is at the center of meditation practice, at the center of mindfulness and awareness. Similarly, Instead of making a Mindfulness course only with an objective lens will be unfair. This week we spend a lot of time bringing the balance within you and your approach to the journey.

Cultivating Pause

We are striving for stillness and silence in our culture. Doesn’t it seem like noise and chaos everywhere?  The truth is the world is not slowing down but if you care for your wholeness and well-being you need to learn the art of taking a pause. Have you noticed we call ourselves “human beings” not “human doings” still it takes so much effort to just be their and connect with our deeper selves.

Cultivating Letting Go

Letting go isn’t just a spiritual coin phrase, it’s not passive, ambivalent, lazy, or giving up – it’s an important life skill that needs to be developed in our children.The tricky thing about letting go is that it’s one of those things that has a double meaning – sometimes we need to let go, while others times we need to persevere. In this module, we will explore some tangible approaches and ways to apply them in real life.

Cultivating Acceptance

Life is always giving but are we open to receiving? Most people don’t even know how to gracefully receive a compliment or a gift. Acceptance is a powerful practice that enables us to be in total alignment with life and manifest powerful results with joy and happiness. In this module, we will overcome the habit of minimizing and judging oneself.

Cultivating Kindness

The moment we think we are doing something very big or very important, we become dead serious or Neeras (dry and without juice). What if we can bring a great level of involvement in our doing with a little bit of playfulness in our being. Day six is about bringing Leela (playfulness) to life.

Cultivating Determination

Cultivating mental and emotional strength may not receive as much attention as physical
exercise, but it’s equally vital to your overall health and well-being. Even
better, it can be done without setting foot inside a gym! Instead, inner
strength meaning can be developed and enhanced through consistent meditation
practice. Similar to how physical activity changes the body, meditation
physically changes the brain itself.

Cultivating Compassion

Brakes in a car are not just to stop the car but to give the confidence to drive faster as well. When we sit in a sports car that has no brakes, we can not drive faster. This is the role of Pause or stillness in our life. The final culmination day is to bring together all the tools and practices and leave with actions in the doing and stillness in the being.

Who are We?


Happiitude is World’s leading company working in the space of personal and corporate wellbeing, excellence and growth. Over the last decade, Happiitude has impacted more than half a million people in 50+ countries.

At Happiitude, we believe that mindfulness is a skill that can be learned and cultivated. We offer a variety of courses and workshops designed to help individuals increase their overall well-being and satisfaction with life.

Our team of experienced trainers and coaches have a passion for helping others find joy and fulfillment in their lives. We use evidence-based techniques and practices, such as positive psychology and mindfulness, to help participants develop practical skills that they can apply in their daily lives.




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Still Got Questions? Speak to our Client Cultivator

Our course has been meticulously designed to give you the utmost satisfaction. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the course. 

Sneha, our Client Cultivator, and her team are waiting to clear all the doubts for you. And they’re real humans, not bots 😉


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