Let’s create a world where our kids can

sing, dance, laugh and cry 

without shame or hesitation!

Mindfulness for Teens

Upcoming Batch starts 4 April 2022

Why do Teenagers need Mindfulness?

Imagine you’re standing in an unknown dark room with no lights on. You need to navigate the room without any support or guidance.

How would you feel? Of course, there will be fear, panic and confusion, right?

Now, what if someone guides you to walk through the room to reach the light switch? You may have initial doubts but soon you will start trusting that voice. Once you reach the switch with their guidance, just a small click and the lights are ON!

If you’re asked to navigate the room in darkness again, you can do it with ease, confidence and clarity this time, isn’t it?

No matter when you start, you always feel you should have started earlier.

Think of the guiding voice as Mindfulness.

The mentoring offered is only leading you towards the switchboard that helps switch on the light. This light is awareness and the moment it is ON, all fear and confusion disappear.

In a world of challenges and uncertainties, all that a teenager needs is a guiding voice – Mindfulness, to switch on their inner light so that they can navigate through all the life situations effortlessly.

And as for Mindfulness, anyone who starts the practice on a regular basis has only one regret – they wish they had started it earlier!

Make your child begin their inner journey and master their inner world at an early age through Mindfulness practice!

How can Mindfulness help Teenagers?

We Solve Real Problems

what can we Achieve Together?

Mental And Emotional Balance

This Course Equips Your Children With Mindfulness Practices And Tools That Will Enable Them To Bring Mental And Emotional Balance To Day-To-Day Situations. In The End, Mindfulness Will Become An Awareness That Always Runs In The Background 24x7 And Not A Mere 15-Minute Living Room Practice.

A Powerful Tool

In Every Session, Your Child Will Be Introduced To One Simple Yet Powerful Tool To Deal With Stress, Pressure, Fear And Anxiety.

Mindfulness Practice

Each Session Will Have An Ancient Eastern Story, A Mindfulness Practice And An Awareness Activity - Something They Will Look Forward To Every Week!

Gift your teenager the ability to stay balanced even in a completely out of balance world through Mindfulness.

Upcoming Batch starts
4 April 2022


Here’s What you Get When you Enroll Now

This course has been meticulously designed to gradually introduce Mindfulness to teenagers and make it their way of life. To make it more effective and engaging, the course comes with a number of exclusive value add-ons. Sign-up now to avail these benefits!

Interactive Online Sessions

Get access to live online sessions conducted 3 days/week with each session spanning 60 minutes. Learn, engage and experience Mindfulness along with attendees from diverse backgrounds.

Fun-to-do Activities

Extend Mindfulness beyond live sessions with simple yet intriguing activities specially designed for teenagers. Reflect and enhance the Mindfulness experience with these
engaging exercises.

Access to Exclusive Meditation Practice & Tools

At the end of the course, your child will get access to 20-minute Mindfulness Meditation Practice and additional tools to handle his/her mind and emotions.

One-on-one Guidance

Dedicated support and one-on-one guidance for all individual participants. To ensure this, enrollments are limited to a maximum of 5 in each cohort.

Sign up for the most interactive and intriguing instructor-led course for children aged 12 - 15 and 16 - 18.

What led to Mindfulness for Teenagers?

It pains us to see teenagers with suppressed emotions – a generation who has to spend two full years of their life (24X7) in complete confusion, ambiguity and loneliness due to the changing ‘new normals’.

At a time when fear and uncertainty have engulfed the world, you can’t just sit back and wait for everything to get fine. Who is going to repair the damage that has happened to our children’s mental and emotional well-being?

After working with hundreds of thousands of people from 50+ countries, we at Happiitude feel that it is our responsibility to come up with solutions. Not just talking solutions or intellectually entertaining ideas but REAL SOLUTIONS.

This is why Mindfulness for Teenagers.

This is our offering to the world for bringing back that generation who could sing, dance, laugh and cry without shame or hesitation. 

Our Vision

Imagine a bright-faced teenager who is bubbling with energy and full of life. A curious, grateful and compassionate human being who is mentally and emotionally balanced from inside. 

We envision having millions of such teenagers who are growing up to create an inclusive world and this is only possible if we raise Mindful children

Pravin Chaturvedi

Chief Belief Officer at Happiitude, has trained 2000+ participants on Mindfulness from 50+ countries.

Sunita Lama

an Educator and Happiitude Coach who has presented and conducted several workshops on mindfulness and its application in educational settings.

our work inspires smiles

Meet the Instructors

Choose your Plan

Mindfulness for Teenagers -
Basic (for 12 sessions)

Rs 800/class - total Rs 9,600 or
USD 20/class - total USD 240
  • Immersive and Interactive classes conducted 3 days/week.
  • Fun-to-do daily activities
  • One-on-one help and guidance
  • Access to 20-minute Mindfulness Meditation Practice
  • 5 effective tools to handle mind & body

Mindfulness for Teenagers - Advanced( for 36 sessions)

Rs 800/class - total Rs 28,800 or
USD 20/class - total USD 720
  • Immersive and Interactive classes conducted 3 days/week.
  • Fun-to-do daily activities
  • One-on-one help and guidance
  • Access to 20-minute Mindfulness Meditation Practice
  • 25 effective tools to handle mind & body
  • 21 Daily inspiration cards
  • 1-year access to monthly online virtual sessions
  • Additional Mindfulness resources and practices (offered during exams)

Join the upcoming batch to avail the special launch offer!

About Happiitude

Happiitude is the world’s leading company in the Happiness & Well-being space. Over the last decade, we have worked with hundreds of companies, thousands of Coaches and millions of individuals. 

We offer effective tools, methodologies and frameworks designed around the Science of Happiness to create a sustainable culture that will ignite passion, growth, and success at workplaces.

Our proven techniques have been developed by combining business understanding with evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and behavioural science for decades.

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Mindfulness for Teenagers is an exclusive course for children aged 15-17 and 16-18.

To have the best experience, it is recommended to attend all the sessions. Due to emergencies, some may find it difficult to attend all the sessions. So if you miss any session, you will be given access to the recording of the session.

There will be engaging activities given to participants. However, they won’t take more than an hour to complete. And to assure you, these are not the activities which you freely find on the internet.

Happiitude is Asia’s #1 company in the space of Happiness & Well-being. To know more about Happiitude, please visit www.happiitude.com

If you feel that the course isn’t right for you, you can let us know in the first week of signing up and we’ll refund 100% of the course fee.

We offer a full-fledge Mindfulness in Action course for individuals and coaches who like to make Mindfulness their way of life. To know more, visit https://www.happiitude.com/mindfulness/

Mindfulness for Teens

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