How Vanitha started her Journey as a successful Coach

Meet Vanitha Santosh, a successful business owner from Dubai.
Vanitha couldn’t realize that her cup was full until the work stress started tolling her health.
After this realization hit her, the universe played its part and she came across
Happiitude and began the journey that changed her life for good.

She joined her Certification course with Happiitude
In her own words,” Happiitude course gave me a defined direction. I knew the path, where I had to go, Happiitude became my GPS.”

Motivated by all that she learned at Happiitude, she has launched her coaching business directed towards women in particular.

On Women’s day, she conducted a  session with 100 women from all walks of life. Describing her experience she says,
“The sense of accomplishment, that pat on your back, that self-boost from within which doesn’t have a tag – a feeling that cannot be put in words. Absolutely phenomenal is all I can say. I am grateful to Happiitude for helping me showcase my potential to the world.”
There has been no looking back for Vanitha since her certification.
She has been leading sessions for women entrepreneurs and their organizations to find clarity and purpose.

The success of her coaching sessions led her to the decision of getting herself certified as a Mindfulness Instructor for Teens as well from Happiitude and reach out to teenagers to help them find their space and their calm – so much needed in today’s times

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