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Why Happiness Coaching?

Everyone is in their own pursuit to become better, happier versions of themselves. This is especially true in the current scenario where the constantly changing ‘new normals’ have left the world chaotic and people confused. All they need now is the right person to guide them to navigate this world and unlock their inner joy. That person can be you! 

The Global Happiness & Well-being space is a billion-dollar industry that’s growing manifolds even as you’re reading this. The world needs more and more Happiness Coaches, as humankind tries to spring back to the pre-pandemic times. By becoming a Happiness Coach, you’re not only setting your career in a highly in-demand industry but you’re also becoming a part of something bigger than yourself by positively impacting lives.  

If you’re passionate about launching your career as a Happiness Coach and looking to become a part of the ever-profitable Happiness & Well-being industry but don’t know where to start, then our
Coaching Guide to Happiness is a must-read!

It’s finally time to launch your Coaching Career!

Have you been looking to become a coach but don’t know where to start? Are you already a coach who feels that your efforts are not leading to a profitable ROI? Get the free copy of our comprehensive Coaching Guide to Happiness to learn the what, why and how of Happiness Coaching!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this eBook…

A brief introduction that will actually change your perspective on Happiness

A deep dive into examining if people really want to be happy

An enlightening exploration of the differences between Happiness and Positive Emotions

Introducing Happiness Coaching and what works in the coaching business

The next steps you can take to enhance your coaching career

7 days of powerful experiential Happiness activities

Here’s a peek inside the eBook

Quote 1

“Have you wondered how on certain days when you are joyful, you don’t mind interacting or smiling at strangers but when you are miserable, you want to avoid all of this. Happiness expands your life, unhappiness shrinks it. “

Quote 2

“We live in a world where you can ask a 10-year-old child to write an essay on “Pollution” and they would do that easily. But if we ask them to write about “Clean Air”, they would find it much more challenging. Isn’t it? And that is why humanity can describe ‘Unhappiness’ very easily and can feel lost when it comes to answering the question ‘What is Happiness?’ ”

Quote 3

“...we say that those who can sing, dance, laugh and cry without shame or hesitation are the ones who purify this universe. And this is the true essence of a Happiness Coach…”

And these are from just a few pages of the eBook! As you turn through, you’ll unravel a LOT MORE strategies to launch yourself as an impactful coach in the global Happiness & Well-being space!

Are you ready?

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This eBook contains valuable strategies that have been taught to more than 2000 Happiness Coaches in 50+ countries around the world which have led to impacting 150,000+ people around the world!

If you’re passionately wanting to become a Coach in the Happiness & Well-being industry, this guide is a good place to start!

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Life Coaches

L&D Professionals

HR Professionals

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Corporate Consultants

People who want to start their Coaching career

People who are willing to know more about Happiness Coaching

Individuals who simply want to enhance their happiness

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