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"Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can't deliver good service from unhappy employees."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos & Co-Founder, Delivering Happiness

Through a 3-day experiential happiness at Workplace Bootcamp, you will learn some of the world’s most profitable formula to happiest workplace cultures.





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Mistakenly companies create “Fun” in the workplace, thinking that’s the definition of a happy culture.

This is an opportunity for you to learn business tools, methodologies, and framework designed around the science of happiness to create a sustainable culture that will ignite passion, growth and success in your workplace.

Your Coachsultants


Carlos Piera

C.E.O, Delivering Happiness, Spain

Happiness, passion + purpose, and company culture have been a part of Carlos’ journey from the beginning. Driven by his joint passions for personal and organizational happiness and success, Carlos began collaborating with Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness (DH), quickly becoming a vital member of the DH community. In 2011, he joined the DH team and helped create our foundational Make Happy WorkTM model. In 2012, Carlos launched Delivering Happiness Spain as a vehicle to serve the European & Asian market. He has been delivering happiness ever since. He has worked on very significant projects like The Prime Ministers Office of Dubai to help them launch ministry of Happiness. He has also worked with companies like Decathlon, Microsoft, HP, Habilísimo, Meller and so on.


Eugenia Machado

Lead Culture Consultant

Her professional career has been focused on the development of strategies that promote the development of sustainable and positive cultures, and the creation of programs for the integral development of people. During her career she had the opportunity to be HR Director in a group of companies, first regionally, and then internationally, she has lived in Hong Kong, Ghana, USA, and Venezuela, allowing her to improve their projects to adapt them to different cultures. During that time she turned her talents into strengths to do better every day her work and achieve her professional goals winning multiple awards for her achievements. She has been working with DH as a lead Culture consultant and worked with companies like Toyota, GB Foods, Stay4Long and so on.

Three Day Experiential Workshop

Day 1

Foundations of Happiness at Work

  • Understand the main elements to sustainable Happiness culture
  • The role of values and higher purpose in culture (re) building
  • Personal values foundation: Discover your top 3 values
  • Approach to Measure and ALIGN Business & Happiness Goals
  • Process for developing authentic and lasting organizational values
  • To build "Head" to "Heart" Strategy for employee engagement
  • WOW Ideas & Tool kits
  • First draft of your organization's Higher Purpose
  • Your Happiness at Work Survey results

Day 2

Applying the Science of Happiness

  • Power and importance of alignment; how to successfully align purpose and values
  • Virtually tour of famous company cultures and identify elements of the model
  • How Struggling company became #1 Great Place to Work – Case Studies
  • Experience the main elements of the science of happiness; progress, control, connectedness
  • Learn the 5 happiness elements and their role as the engine of a positive, productive culture
  • How to Create High Engagement Zones At Workplace
  • Create Culture Action Plan for the 5 key elements of sustainable happiness
  • Value-Based Recruitment, Recognition and Promotions
  • How to apply the main elements of the science: progress, control and connectedness

Day 3

Designing Your Culture Roadmap

  • How to identify key elements of your culture to support your business need and goals, and create impact
  • Culture Inventory Checklist; all the places possible to design for culture impact
  • Happiness Culture Team Micro Strategy and Tool kits
  • Develop an actionable Roadmap for High-performance Work Culture
  • Understand the keys to a successful, authentic and lasting culture initiative
  • How to use metrics to track success and link it to real business result
  • Design growth oriented employee engagement initiatives using Science of Happiness


Trusted by Top Companies

  • Delivering happiness has had a great impact directly and indirectly on virtually all aspects of our business, from how to interact with customers, our partners and each other. Focusing on our culture has increased sales without having sale goals, increase the bottom line and most importantly allowed us to better serve our mission. As we continue this process now working directly with DH, I am confident we can continue to improve. Perhaps even become an icon in our industry for how companies should treat customers, partners and employees.

    Scott Bintz, CEO @ Real Truck

  • It's been 10 months since working together. We've applied all the DH principles and shifted our business model to be based on your equation.
    Happy Employees  =  Happy Customers  =  Sustainable and Profitable company. You can't imagine the results.

    We were judged so much especially by our board about this "happiness stuff." But in 31 years of business, we've now had our record sales year in the history of our company .. so happiness works!

    Murat Ozcan, Vice President, CANPA

  • The DH Coachsultants have been an important part of our organization's work in building an employee first culture. Their expertise and experience make them uniquely qualified to provide guidance on all matters related to building a high performance culture focused on core values and a higher purpose. The DH Coachsultants are 100% committed to making each interaction meaningful, and they invest the time and effort to accomplish this. It's obvious that this is not a job, it's a calling. They are a part of our family, and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

    EDDIE GINDI (Executive Vlce President) Century 21 Department Stores

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