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"Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can't deliver good service from unhappy employees."

Tony Hsieh
CEO, Zappos & Co-Founder, Delivering Happiness

Through this experiential happiness at Workplace Blueprint workshop, you will learn some of the world’s most profitable formulas, frameworks and methodologies to create happiest workplace initiatives.

Who is it for: HR, L&D Professionals, Founders & Co-Founders, Happiness Champions, Coaches, Consultants, Corporate Trainers and Entrepreneurs.





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Workplace Happiness Blueprint Workshop Includes:

  • 2 Days Experiential Workshop - Hotel The Chancery Pavillion
    (including Lunch & coffee)
  • 4 Weekly Interactive online sessions (2 hours each)*
  • 21-Days of engaging Happiness Activities (1 each day)
  • One-on-One Personalized Coaching Session
  • Access to our Online Learning Management system (LMS) with amazing Happiness Content, videos & research papers
  • Science of Happiness based Coaching Methodology using case studies
  • A Detailed workshop manual
  • Participation Certification from The Berkeley Well-Being Institute, California
  • Learn to Create Happiness Initiatives at the Workplace

2-Day Experiential Workshop

Day 1 Agenda

  • Connect on personal happiness
  • Define your own Workplace Happiness
  • Strategies for evaluating levels of happiness within an organisation
  • Identify current barriers and pitfalls to achieve happiness at work
  • Discover Four zones of Workplace Happiness
  • Major factor impacting Workplace relationships
  • Framework of Happiness to Enhance Productivity
  • Experience Gratitude, Compassion & Empathy
  • Mindfulness in day-to-day Function
  • Understanding main element for a sustainable Happiness initiative
  • Moving from Personal Happiness to Company Happiness & Create Department / Company level Happiness Initiative Roadmap using 6 key Elements

Day 2 Agenda

  • Aligning Personal Happiness Values to Higher Purpose
  • Mapping Company Values with Everyday Behaviours
  • Communication Strategy - Adoption & Engagement
  • Creating Rituals for sustaining Happiness initiatives
  • Experience the role of Co-creation and how happiness is a choice
  • Explore ways to have value based recognition and feedback to establish sense of progress
  • Gain a format for building short and long term initiatives
  • Understand Happiness Team’s Roles to a successful culture change
  • Prioritize initiatives based on your organizational needs and detail your top culture initiative(s)
  • Take Live Tour of great company happiness initiative as demonstrated by the Indian Company Leaders.


Trusted by Top Companies

  • It was such an amazing experience for me. Before the course, I thought I already knew so many things, but as soon as I started this course, there was a complete shift in my orbit. This course really opened my eyes. It was so enriching that I feel that I have evolved from a caterpillar to butterfly-- there has been such a tremendous transformation. Thank you Happiitude!!

    Kalyan Das - AVP L&D Tata Capital, India

  • After doing my masters in Organizational Happiness, attending global conferences on Happiness, I did not know what to expect from this course but this course has given me something that can't be explained in words. It's not just the powerful models and frameworks that I got but the experience that it created for me that made me experience the source of these models. It's truly amazing! Thank you Happiitude

    Silvia Marra - Director (Sinpaussa, Argentina)

  • It has been a great experience to learn, get engaged and get immersed in this lovely experience: Coming together with participants from across the globe with a common thread of "Exploring Happiness". This program gives you enough space to learn at your pace even. This was like a God send opportunity for me to learn Happiness from both a personal and organizational perspective. Truly, a brilliant experience!

    Amitabh Jha - DGM L&D (BHEL, India)

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